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Construction Progress Monitoring

360° monitoring is the most efficient and effective way of capturing build progress on site. Using a 360° camera, mobile app, and collaborative web platform, 360° monitoring offers a simple and more effective way to document and manage construction progress. Our Construction Progress Monitoring frees up your project team’s time, allowing them to concentrate on the day job safe in the knowledge that progress is being captured regularly and comprehensively. The ScanTech Digital team will collect visual evidence of site progress at each scheduled visit, which is quality-checked, processed and delivered to you in a cloud-based format.

Construction progress reports offer a number of benefits including:

  • A complete record of each project
  • Time-travel – allowing a particular location in the past to be inspected and compared to current status
  • A centralised tool to keep team members updated and free to monitor the progress of the build
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagement
  • A resource to use for marketing purposes

Accurate record-keeping

High-definition, panoramic photographs are produced and uploaded onto a web-based project workspace that chronologically documents the progression of the site, linked to easily navigable plans of the building.

Comparing digital images against your BIM models isn’t very intuitive and sifting through thousands of site progress photos can now be a thing of the past. Our 360° images are organised by location and time within a single platform, allowing you to walk the site remotely and scroll backwards and forwards in time as desired. Our 360° Progress Monitoring reports allow the 360° photos and BIM model renderings to be placed side-by-side for easy viewing.


Fast and secure 360° reality capturing solution

We will work with you to select the right platform for your needs.  We regularly assess the market for progress platforms, rigorously evaluating them against the needs of construction projects.

We are proud to recommend HoloBuilder’s 360° reality capturing solution for construction projects providing clients with a digital, cloud-based platform for records, collaboration, and pre-planning.  HoloBuilder balances speed, functionality, ease-of-use, and BIM integration.

Key features include:

  • Street view for construction sites
  • Integration with your favourite BIM tools
  • Data capture analytics
  • Monitor progress with progress compare
  • Compare progress by date and location
  • Interactive site map with construction drawings

Transparent collaboration

The power of secure, role-based, remote access means progress information is always at your fingertips, allowing you to see what has happened and when in high resolution.

Our platforms are being used extensively to engage with clients, architects and sub-contractors, as well as enabling tenants to advance the works without having to set foot on site.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

Use 360° Progress Monitoring to demonstrate your project management expertise to new clients and stand out against your competitors. 360° photos can be used to demonstrate the abilities of your contractors and clearly outline the stages of construction. This in turn will reassure clients by offering them clear, consistent updates on project progress.

In any construction project there will be hundreds of people involved. Construction Progress Monitoring is a simple and effective communication tool that is crucial in today’s environment.

Get in touch with the ScanTech Digital team to discuss your progress reporting requirements.


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