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Build with confidence

360° monitoring is the most efficient and effective way of capturing build progress on site. Our solution frees up your project team’s time as we capture site progress, delivering enhanced quality assurance and increasing stakeholder engagement and satisfaction.

Accurate record-keeping

High-definition, panoramic photographs are produced and uploaded onto a web-based project workspace that chronologically documents the progression of the site, linked to easily navigable plans of the building.

In stark contrast to sifting through thousands of site progress photos, our 360° images are organised by location and time within a single platform, allowing you to walk the site remotely and scroll backwards and forwards in time as desired.

Transparent collaboration

The power of secure, role-based, remote access means progress information is always at your fingertips, allowing you to see what has happened and when in high resolution.

Our platform is being used extensively to engage with clients, architects and sub-contractors, as well as enabling tenants to advance their preparations without having to set foot on site.

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