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Digital twin technology provider for Birmingham

ScanTech Digital, based in Birmingham and serving clients throughout the UK, is a specialist in multi-technology reality capture and digital twin solutions. Our mission is to use digital twin technology to revolutionise the property and construction industries. Working across diverse sectors, our agile services include 360° virtual tours, high-density point cloud surveys, 3D scanning, 3D modelling and more. Covering all stages of a building’s lifecycle, our services digitise your assets to simplify design, construction, and operational processes, ensuring efficiency and engagement.

As leading reality capture software experts based in Birmingham, the team at ScanTech Digital possesses unrivalled expertise in harnessing innovative technology to deliver exceptional results. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients across various industries. From precise 3D modelling to immersive 360° virtual tours, our services encompass the full spectrum of reality capture. Whether you’re in property development, construction, or heritage preservation, our Birmingham-based team is dedicated to digitising your assets with precision and efficiency.

Reality capture services in Birmingham


 3D Laser Scanning – Birmingham

Using 3D laser scanning for construction projects in Birmingham proves significantly more efficient compared to conventional techniques. We have invested in the latest digital twin technology to capture your asset swiftly, meticulously, and with utmost precision. The latest advancements in 3D laser scanning technology enable us to recreate your asset as a point cloud model, ensuring rapid and accurate representation. Our dedication to efficiency means that your project progresses seamlessly, with detailed insights and comprehensive data at your disposal. Trust our expertise to streamline your construction surveying process, delivering unparalleled results with speed, accuracy, and reliability.
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Scan-To-BIM – Birmingham

With our comprehensive Scan-to-BIM service in Birmingham, we seamlessly convert raw data into intelligent 3D models, effectively creating a digital twin of your asset. This transformative process empowers you to use the models for various purposes including planning, development, monitoring, and asset management. Our service encompasses both Architectural BIM modelling and MEP BIM Modelling, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your project needs. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and expertise, we provide you with the tools necessary to optimise efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making throughout the lifecycle of your asset.
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Icon Model Validation - ScanTech DigitalModel Validation – Birmingham

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology revolutionises construction verification by employing model validation AI and machine learning. Analysing a point cloud survey, it swiftly compares on-site elements to the BIM model, providing rapid insight and risk reduction. Model validation for your Birmingham-based projects ensures confidence in design alignment with existing structures, reducing disruption and costs. It’s crucial during design, construction, and completion phases, offering assurance to stakeholders and facilitating smooth handovers. Our web-based platforms provide tailored solutions, ensuring accuracy and transparency.
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360° Progress Monitoring – BirminghamIcon 360 Progress Monitoring - ScanTech Digital

360° Progress Monitoring revolutionises record-keeping, communication, and transparency in construction projects. Detailed, high-resolution photos and visual data are provided at crucial stages of the build, ensuring comprehensive monitoring. This information is conveniently accessible via a cloud-based platform, facilitating seamless collaboration and informed decision-making. From architects to investors, everyone gains real-time insights, fostering trust among project teams. Trust our solution to deliver the best progress monitoring for your Birmingham-based projects. Elevate your project monitoring capabilities, ensuring successful outcomes with enhanced efficiency and transparency.
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Matterport Virtual Tours – BirminghamIcon Matterport Virtual Tours - ScanTech Digital

Unlock your destination virtually through our immersive 360° Virtual Tour experience, featuring interactive dollhouse views, detailed floor plans, venue information, and a host of other intelligent features. These 3D virtual tours, created with Matterport technology, serve as invaluable records, capturing important milestones throughout the journey. By embracing this innovative approach, you extend the reach of your space, attracting a wider audience and showcasing its unique features in exquisite detail. Trust our solution to elevate your digital presence, delivering unforgettable experiences and driving success in your ventures. See our case studies with Birmingham’s Museum and Art Gallery and Symphony Hall.
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Icon Drone Surveys - ScanTech DigitalDrone Surveys – Birmingham

Utilising drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), equipped with advanced sensors, enables the capture of data from various perspectives. This technology is particularly adept at mapping intricate or challenging terrains, facilitating the creation of highly detailed models of sites or buildings. Drone surveys efficiently capture your site in exceptional resolution, prioritising speed, safety, and efficiency. By harnessing this pioneering approach, you gain swift and accurate insights into your project, enhancing decision-making and streamlining workflows. Trust our drone survey services in Birmingham to deliver unparalleled results.
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Topographical Surveys – Birmingham

Topographical surveys are essential components of construction and development projects, offering invaluable insights for design, project planning, and comprehension. ScanTech Digital provides cost-effective topographical surveys nationwide, catering to architects, main contractors, property developers, and asset owners. Our surveys, whether traditional 2D, 3D CAD, or 3D models of sites, ensure clarity, mitigate risks, and simplify setting out, spot levels, and site controls with precision. Leveraging LiDAR scanners, we generate detailed models, even of objects beneath the surface, mapping utilities, delineating flood plains, and revealing hidden objects, enhancing project accuracy and efficiency.
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