A Night At The Museum


When you’re digitally capturing one of the West Midlands most visited attractions (almost one million visitors in 2018 alone) planning and patience is key.  Capturing this historic 1885 landmark as a virtual attraction successfully came down one core factor, Visitor Experience. Every route taken digitally is just as important as every gallery explored in person.

Over a period of five weeks, our exemplar team have maticulously planned and then executed this project to produce a 3D digital scan of the full internal space of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

At ScanTech Digital we understand the importance of your digital identity and helping you to craft that is core to our values on developing outstanding work for our clients. For the first time ever, this important and historic space is opening up to the world, allowing visitors to experience <something> while also ensuring its history and heritage is documented for generations to come. 

Alex Nicholson-Evans Birmingham Museum Commercial Manager told us she was “thrilled with the result of the 3D scan, it’s an incredible resource that we’re very much looking forward to sharing.”

Make sure you step inside Birmingham Museum this Heritage Week in September 2019. From September 12th you will have the chance to visit the Picture Galleries, History Galleries and the famous Staffordshire Hoard.

Visit the Birmingham Heritage week website to find out more: https://birminghamheritageweek.co.uk/

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