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Our reality capture services encompass various technologies such as laser scanning, photogrammetry, and drones to meticulously construct digital replicas of physical objects or spaces. For architects, engineers, and construction professionals in Bristol, reality capture software solutions help to meticulously document existing buildings or sites. For architects, it offers the opportunity to explore design possibilities while accurately accounting for existing structures. Engineers benefit from detailed data that aids in structural assessments and analyses, ultimately contributing to the efficiency and safety of construction projects.

Moreover, in the context of adaptive reuse and renovation projects, reality capture plays a pivotal role in preserving architectural heritage and facilitating sustainable development practices. By digitally capturing and analysing existing structures, professionals can devise strategies that minimise environmental impact and maximise the potential of existing assets. Thus, reality capture stands as a cornerstone technology in contemporary construction practices, empowering professionals to innovate and excel in their endeavours. If you are looking to facilitate informed decision-making and streamline project planning, talk with us about our reality capture software solutions!

Reality capture services in Bristol


 3D Laser Scanning – Bristol

Step into the future with our leading-edge 3D laser solutions in Bristol, setting new standards in precision and performance. From capturing intricate details of existing structures to conducting comprehensive analysis and crafting captivating renovation models, our solutions deliver unparalleled accuracy, expansive coverage, and enduring reliability. Experience a transformation in efficiency and cost-effectiveness as 3D laser scanning optimises your production workflows and ensures uncompromising quality control at every stage. Unleash the full potential of your Bristol-based projects with our unrivalled 3D laser scanning solutions today.
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Scan-To-BIM – Bristol

Experience innovation firsthand through our extensive Scan-to-BIM service in Bristol, where raw data seamlessly transitions into intelligent 3D models, culminating in the creation of a digital twin for your asset. Our service empowers you with versatile model applications, enabling efficient planning, development, monitoring, and asset management. This transformative process represents a significant leap forward in project capabilities. By integrating both Architectural BIM modelling and MEP BIM Modelling, we adopt a comprehensive approach to meet your project requirements. We equip you with essential tools to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making across your asset’s lifecycle.
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Icon Model Validation - ScanTech DigitalModel Validation – Bristol

Witness a transformation in construction verification driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Our system harnesses the capabilities of model validation AI and machine learning to automatically assess and cross-reference site survey data with the BIM model. This state-of-the-art methodology revolutionises the verification process, delivering crucial insights swiftly compared to traditional methods. By embracing AI technology, we streamline verification procedures, facilitating rapid assessment and mitigating risks associated with mismatches between site conditions and the BIM model. Adoption of this innovative solution ensures effective project management and augments project outcomes, ultimately leading to heightened success and stakeholder contentment.
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360° Progress Monitoring – BristolIcon 360 Progress Monitoring - ScanTech Digital

Experience a paradigm shift in construction project management with 360° Progress Monitoring, revolutionising record-keeping, communication, and transparency. Receive detailed, high-resolution photos and visual data at pivotal stages of the build, facilitating comprehensive monitoring throughout. Conveniently accessible via a cloud-based platform, this information fosters seamless collaboration and enables informed decision-making. From architects to investors, real-time insights empower every stakeholder, nurturing trust and cohesion within project teams. Trust our solution to provide unparalleled progress monitoring for your Birmingham-based projects. Elevate your project monitoring capabilities, ensuring successful outcomes marked by enhanced efficiency and transparency.
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Matterport Virtual Tours – BristolIcon Matterport Virtual Tours - ScanTech Digital

Immerse yourself in a virtual adventure with our cutting-edge 360° Virtual Tour experience. Delve into interactive dollhouse views, detailed floor plans, venue information, and a suite of intelligent features. These virtual tours not only captivate digital audiences but also markedly enhance engagement, driving sales to new heights. Serving as invaluable records, they chronicle key milestones throughout the journey. Embrace this innovative approach to expand the reach of your space, captivating a broader audience and spotlighting its unique attributes in exquisite detail. Rely on our solution to elevate your digital presence, providing unforgettable experiences and propelling success in your ventures.
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Icon Drone Surveys - ScanTech DigitalDrone Surveys – Bristol

Harnessing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, fitted with advanced sensors allows for data capture from diverse viewpoints. This technology excels in mapping complex or difficult terrains, enabling the generation of intricately detailed models of sites or structures. Drone surveys efficiently capture your site with remarkable precision, placing emphasis on speed, safety, and efficiency. By embracing this state-of-the-art methodology, you acquire swift and precise insights into your project, bolstering decision-making and optimising workflows. Place your trust in our drone survey services to deliver unmatched results, ensuring the smooth progression of your project with precision and effectiveness.
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Topographical Surveys – Bristol

Essential for construction and development initiatives, topographical surveys provide crucial insights indispensable for design, project planning, and comprehension. ScanTech Digital offers nationwide cost-effective topographical surveys, serving architects, main contractors, property developers, and asset owners. Our surveys, whether traditional 2D, 3D CAD, or site 3D models, ensure clarity, mitigate risks, and simplify setting out, spot levels, and site controls with precision. Utilising LiDAR scanners, we generate intricate models, uncovering objects below the surface, mapping utilities, delineating flood plains, and revealing concealed features, enhancing project accuracy and efficiency.
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