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A digital replica that will captivate your audience

Our Virtual Tours are accessible on any device with internet access, allowing you to reach out to your existing audience and engage your next one, anywhere in the world.

Using intuitive navigation, customers, patrons and stakeholders can peruse a gallery, explore an auditorium or view a listed building prior to its restoration.

You can add in facts and figures, photos, videos and audio, and we can even add you to Google Street View so your customers can virtually walk in off the street. Our tours can also be paired with a virtual reality headset for a truly immersive experience.

Remodel or restore with confidence

For more technical purposes, Scan-To-BIM supports remodelling, developing a set design or undertaking a restoration. Even if you’re not planning any work, Scan-To-BIM will bring your records up to date.

Both cultural and heritage buildings have very specific needs. We bring our expertise in both these fields to help you develop your brief and outcome requirements.

Using high-accuracy laser scanners, we scan your building and create a point cloud model. This is then developed into a digital 3D model for designers to use in their work.

Benefit as much as your customers

Our stunning Virtual Tours enhance audience engagement, encouraging new visitors and giving confidence to those with mobility impairments as to how they can access the building prior to visiting in person.

Whether seeking planning permission or applying for grants, a Virtual Tour tagged with useful information can facilitate wider stakeholder interest and pave the way to grant awards or listed building consent.

An up-to-date, accurate, digital twin of your facility is also extremely valuable to architects, engineers, set designers and facilities managers, allowing you to generate fire plans, provide technical detail of spaces and get your team designing quickly and confidently.

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