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Drone survey – eyes in the sky

ScanTech Digital, based in Birmingham and covering the UK, offers a range of land surveying services including drone site surveys and aerial surveying, 3D photogrammetry mesh models, aerial inspections of hard-to-reach locations and high-resolution aerial photography and videography for professional marketing media.

Using a drone with a RGB camera, the ground is photographed multiple times from different angles, and each image is tagged with coordinates. Through processing these images, photogrammetry software can then create 3D models and orthomosaics, from which it can measure distances; as well as surfaces and volumes of objects accurately.


Crystal clear imagery with drones

With full UK coverage, our drone pilots can capture thousands of measurements and accompanying
imagery, mapping your site in crystal clear quality.
• 4K Image quality
• 360 images and videos
• 1080p video feed
• Post-processing & editing


Why choose drone surveys?

  • Capturing topographic data with a drone is much faster than with land-based methods. It also requires less manpower.
  • A drone can take off and fly almost anywhere, so unreachable areas are no longer a problem.
  • Drone surveys can be conducted without disrupting your business operation.

Who uses drone surveying?

Industries such as construction, environmental planning and agriculture undertake drone surveying to gather information about an area in an efficient and accurate manner. The data collected from drone surveys can be used for a variety of purposes, including surveying, planning and monitoring.

Many projects in the construction industry use drone surveys to provide real-time data collection and image capture. These can be converted into precise maps, 3D models, and measurements, which allows for efficient site planning, progress tracking, and quality control.

Drone Thermal Imaging

Drone thermal imaging is used to assess the condition of a building which may not be apparent to the naked eye. Thermal imaging uses infrared cameras to detect small differences in surface temperatures. Traditional methods of capturing this information are tricky and expensive, but with the use of drone technology, the process is quicker, more cost-effective and safer to collect quality thermographic data. Facilities managers can use this technology to inspect their properties to ensure that everything is in order, or find out accurately where problems lie.


Efficient, professional service

Then ScanTech Digital team have friendly, professional and experienced CAA-approved pilots. They are available 7 days a week. Our flights provide up to 10mm accuracy for precise and valid data generation and highly accurate visuals. Exceptional handling and control features mean we can even fly indoors!

Our aerial surveys have been used to inspect inaccessible roof areas at the National Trust’s Leith Hill Place, create marketing shots for an in-progress development in central London, and support our Scan-To-BIM projects with external point cloud surveys.


High-quality outputs

Drones can quickly cover large areas and are safer than traditional survey methods. We are able to reach high risk areas at height or in a confined space and offer advantages in safety, cost and time.

Images captured can also be developed into an impressive virtual tour, perfect for engaging stakeholders or promoting heritage properties from a whole new vantage point. If you are searching for a drone survey company, look no further.


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