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A suite of digital solutions

Whether required for facilities management or prior to major building or refurbishment works, our 3D models are a sophisticated alternative to a traditional measured building survey and 2D plans.

Our models can be complemented by high-resolution 360° Virtual Tours, including schematic floorplans with the functionality to manage, mark-up and accurately measure spaces. Topographical surveys and drone visual inspections complete the suite of tools needed to get a project underway.

Supporting architects and engineers

Whilst designers are working up concepts and progressing options, we carry out a point cloud survey and drone photogrammetry to re-create your space digitally, generating a 3D model that’s ready for the design team to inherit and develop.

We hand over the native Revit or ArchiCAD file to the engineers so they can commence designing in 3D, based on the surveyed real-world position. Working with the engineers, we add asset data to the model, identifying services, plant and structures to generate schedules as an output.

Efficient, reliable service

Our as-existing BIM models mean designers can get to work sooner, based on accurate information delivered in an accessible format, removing the need for a 2D measured building survey to be interpreted by the design team.

Having undertaken some of the largest, most complex building projects in the UK, our expert team provides reliable information for design development, giving confidence to decision-makers and assisting in optioneering.

Our Virtual Tours are accessible through a web-browser, making repeated site visits a thing of the past, as well as facilitating enhanced stakeholder engagement and understanding.

Save time and effort through our digital solutions, which let you focus on what you do best, the engineering.

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