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Fast, accurate 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning is a non-intrusive solution using LiDAR technology (Light Detection and Ranging) that captures three-dimensional information of building fabric, building services, and land/topography. Compared to traditional survey methods, 3D laser scanning is precise, comprehensive and offers a significant reduction in time and resource, particularly for more complex buildings. LiDAR is a fast and accurate approach and can be used in a wide range of environments and conditions. The point cloud data produced from this method is ideal for mapping in construction projects.

At ScanTech Digital we select the laser scanning technology based on your desired outcomes and, by surveying your asset inside and out from hundreds of different positions, we generate a point cloud model. We post-process the data to clean and register it and add site co-ordinates. From this, 3D architectural models and virtual walk-throughs can be produced, model validation can also be carried out to verify existing models with the point cloud, giving you enhanced information in much more detail than traditional 2D technical plans.


Laser scanning in construction

Laser scanning in construction is becoming more common place. Whether capturing and modelling a retrofit project to kickstart design, comparing an existing model with an existing building, or obtaining a precise measure of a space prior to a critical installation, a point cloud survey is the foundation.  Having an understanding of the situation in a virtual environment allows you to test concepts and understand the full impact of potential decisions before work begins.

Having worked on numerous laser scanning projects across the UK, ScanTech Digital’s knowledgeable team has a wealth of experience in a variety of state-of-the-art scanning techniques. We merge different technologies to deliver the best output possible for your project.

After gathering the necessary data with the 3D laser scanners, we assemble a comprehensive 3D model of your building or indoor space, allowing you to plan and complete projects much more efficiently.


3D laser scanning survey projects

We can produce high standard laser scanning surveys for:

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial properties such as office blocks and retail outlets
  • Listed buildings and historical properties
  • Hospitals and other health facilities
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Industrial buildings, factories and warehouses


Continue with business as usual

Laser scanning technology allows us to capture highly detailed data sets in large volumes, at a much faster rate than traditional surveying methods, whilst still maintaining accuracy.

Our 3D scanners are non-intrusive, which allows us to capture sensitive or hard-to-access environments, such as heritage buildings and live hospital sites without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

3D scanning usually reduce (and often eliminate) the need for site revisits, resulting in faster and cheaper project turnaround.

Why choose 3D laser scanning survey

Faster: 3D laser scanning is widely accepted as the fastest measured surveying method. It can record your site assets in a fraction of the time traditional methods take.
Cost Effective: Due to its speed of recording, your site asset data is obtained fast and in great detail. When combined with 3D modelling, it kick-starts the design process saving time and money.
Risk reduction: 3D scanners use millions of points per second, capturing measurements with incredible accuracy. Precise point clouds, detailed models and validation of existing models help identify and resolve risks in a timely manner.

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