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Leith Hill Place is a National Trust property located in the Surrey Hills. Originally built around 1600, it was re-modelled c. 1760. It was bought by the Wedgwood family in 1847 and passed down the family to composer Ralph Vaughan Williams who donated it to the National Trust in 1945.

The property is open to visitors but is in a variable state of repair. The National Trust is undertaking a feasibility study for the building’s future and, in the absence of a complete set of building records, commissioned ScanTech Digital to provide a base set of 2D and 3D information that can be used for further surveys and design development.

In addition, a high-resolution virtual tour was requested for the internal spaces accompanied by an aerial virtual tour to assist with maintenance inspections.


  • 3D high resolution laser scan of internals and externals, including basement, ground floor, level 1, level 2 and outbuildings
  • 4K resolution 360° photogrammetry of all internal spaces including attics
  • High-resolution aerial photography and videography by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone)
  • 3D modelling of the building


  • High resolution point cloud survey of internals and externals
  • 3D model of the building in Revit to LoD 300
  • 2D drawings to BS 8888 and LoD 300, including:
  • External elevations
  • Floor and roof plans
  • Longitudinal and transverse sections
  • Virtual tour of the building, with 12 months web-hosting
  • Aerial tour of the building, with 12 months web-hosting
  • High resolution drone video footage and stills for the purpose of maintenance inspections

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