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Reality capture solutions Manchester
3D laser scanning, drone surveys, topographical surveys, Matterport virtual tours and more

Reality capture technologies facilitate increased design precision. Using 3D imaging ensures the safest and most accurate comprehension of site intricacies and challenges. ScanTech Digital uses the latest technologies to provide design-ready data incorporating point cloud and imagery. Our services extend to businesses located in and around Manchester, offering bespoke reality capture solutions encompassing 3D laser scanning, 3D modelling, point cloud surveys, drone surveys and more. Embrace the pinnacle of technological innovation and experience how our solutions redefine possibilities, driving productivity and excellence to unprecedented heights.

Our state-of-the-art 3D technology enables confident data capture, yielding dependable results. Whether conducting topographic surveys, documenting as-builts, or generating digital twins, our solutions enable swift, cost-efficient, and precise data capture—encompassing texture, colour information, and all nuances. By choosing ScanTech Digital you can be sure that we will provide the most realistic model of any environment, every time. Call us today to speak with one of our friendly team members to talk about your project.

Reality capture services in Manchester


 3D Laser Scanning – Manchester

Discover the capabilities of 3D laser scanning solutions in Manchester, where precision intersects with innovation. Whether you’re capturing intricate data of established structures, conducting thorough analysis, or crafting impressive renovation models, our solutions assure incomparable accuracy, comprehensive coverage, and enduring reliability. Enhance your operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness with the transformative impact of 3D laser scanning, redefining your production processes and maintaining meticulous quality control throughout. Unleash the full potential of your projects with our 3D laser scanning solutions, designed to meet the demands of the modern era.
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Scan-To-BIM – Manchester

Our Scan-to-BIM service in Manchester, transforms raw data seamlessly into sophisticated 3D models, fostering the creation of a digital twin for your asset. This transformative journey enables versatile models to use for planning, development, monitoring, and asset management purposes. Encompassing both Architectural BIM modelling and MEP BIM Modelling, our service ensures a well-rounded approach to fulfilling your project demands. Leveraging advanced technology and adept expertise, we provide you with indispensable tools to optimise efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making throughout your asset’s lifecycle.

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Model Validation – Manchester

Experience a paradigm shift in construction verification with the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Our system employs model validation AI and machine learning to autonomously analyse and cross-check site survey data with the BIM model. This progressive approach significantly speeds up the verification process, delivering vital insights in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods. Through the integration of AI technology, we simplify verification protocols, enabling prompt evaluation and minimising potential risks arising from inconsistencies between site conditions and the BIM model. Embracing this pioneering solution facilitates efficient project management and elevates project outcomes, culminating in enhanced success and stakeholder satisfaction.
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360° Progress Monitoring – Manchester

Embark on a journey of innovation in construction project oversight with 360° Progress Monitoring, reshaping record-keeping, communication, and transparency. Access detailed, high-resolution photos and visual data during critical build stages, facilitating comprehensive monitoring throughout the project lifecycle. Seamlessly accessible via a cloud-based platform, this information streamlines collaboration and empowers informed decision-making. From architects to investors, real-time insights empower stakeholders, fostering trust and synergy within project teams. Rely on our solution to deliver unparalleled progress monitoring for your Manchester-based projects. Elevate your project monitoring capabilities, ensuring successful outcomes characterised by enhanced efficiency and transparency.
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Matterport Virtual Tours – Manchester

Immerse yourself in a virtual adventure with our cutting-edge 360° Virtual Tour experience, using Matterport technology. Delve into interactive dollhouse views, detailed floor plans, venue information, and a suite of intelligent features. These virtual tours not only captivate digital audiences but also markedly enhance engagement, driving sales to new heights. Serving as invaluable records, they chronicle key milestones throughout the journey. Embrace this innovative approach to expand the reach of your space, captivating a broader audience and spotlighting its unique attributes in exquisite detail. Rely on our solution to elevate your digital presence, providing unforgettable experiences and propelling success in your ventures.
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Drone Surveys – Manchester

Harnessing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, fitted with advanced sensors allows for data capture from diverse viewpoints. This technology excels in mapping complex or difficult terrains, enabling the generation of intricately detailed models of sites or structures. Drone surveys, also known as aerial surveys, efficiently capture your site with remarkable precision, placing emphasis on speed, safety, and efficiency. By embracing this state-of-the-art methodology, you acquire swift and precise insights into your project, bolstering decision-making and optimising workflows. Place your trust in our drone survey services to deliver unmatched results, ensuring the smooth progression of your project with accuracy and effectiveness.
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Topographical Surveys – Manchester

Fundamental to construction and development ventures, topographical surveys offer indispensable insights pivotal for design, project planning, and comprehension. ScanTech Digital offers cost-effective topographical surveys nationwide, catering to architects, main contractors, property developers, and asset owners. Our detailed surveys, encompassing traditional 2D, 3D CAD, or site 3D models, ensure clarity, mitigate risks, and simplify setting out, spot levels, and site controls. Leveraging LiDAR scanners, we generate intricate models, revealing objects below the surface, mapping utilities, delineating flood plains, and uncovering concealed elements, augmenting project accuracy and efficiency.
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