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Build with confidence

Artificial intelligence-driven classification technology has application across the project lifecycle. During the design phase we can de-risk the design by providing confidence in ‘as-existing’ information; by checking the installation against the design model during construction, we provide assurance to stakeholders that what exists on site reflects the design.

Design and construct to a higher standard

Our model verification services provide assurance that your BIM model is correct and coordinated, comparing the as-built or design model with the point cloud automatically.

Via a web-based interface you can see the areas needing attention and readily communicate with the site team via the platform to resolve them.

Reduce risk

The insights provided through model validation reduce the need for re-work by spotting costly errors early and allowing the model to be updated or the installation rectified. Issues such as programme creep from incorrect model data, and therefore contractual variations, are all minimised giving you peace of mind.

All information is centralised and can be access via a web browser, improving coordination between site teams and allowing you to stay on top of important issues at a critical time in the project.

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