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Our property and development solutions

  • Create up-to-date ‘as-existing’ records with our scan-to-BIM service, generating a 3D model and 2D plans.
  • Capture the current conditions and help plan future works with a virtual site inspection through topographical and aerial surveys.
  • Maintain accurate records and undertake remote site-visits with 360°progress monitoring.
  • Engage stakeholders using virtual tours to capture key project milestones, including familiarisation for FM teams and occupiers.
  • Undertake model validation to give you peace of mind that installation reflects the design.
  • Achieve a smooth handover with virtual O&Ms, tailored to your tenants and FM provider.

Let your delivery team focus on what they do best

By appointing ScanTech Digital directly, or through your designer or contractor, you can focus your professional team on their core disciplines, whilst expediting the design and construction process.


We carry out a point cloud survey to digitally model your building in your designer’s preferred software so they can get designing, confident they are working with accurate information.

Virtual site inspection

We digitally capture your asset using high-resolution 360° photogrammetry by land and air. Your team and prospective contractors can view the outputs remotely via web browser and even take measurements.

Progress monitoring

Improve record-keeping and communication with 360° progress monitoring, organised by location and time within a single platform that enables users to scroll backwards and forwards in time for easy comparison. We visit site at regular, agreed intervals to capture high-definition, panoramic photographs, so your construction team can focus on the works.

Stakeholder engagement

Our virtual tours are accessible through a web browser or embedded on your website, allowing users to see work in progress or the finished article. This helps with sales, familiarisation and builds excitement for your new tenants.

Model validation

Through model validation we provide assurance to stakeholders that what is being built on site reflects the design. We carry out a point cloud survey on site and use artificial intelligence to spot discrepancies fast, so that you can readily communicate with the site team to resolve them.

Virtual O&Ms

Complement or even replace traditional O&Ms with a Google Street View style experience. We scan your building, your team provides the information, and we assemble a fully interactive operations and maintenance manual that will help FM teams to understand and utilise every aspect of their building.

Fast, effective delivery

We can support you throughout the development process, or just part of it.

Furnishing your team with a virtual site inspection and accurate 3D digital model of your building helps you plan the works and get designing quickly. This results in obtaining planning permission sooner and earlier design delivery.

Our progress monitoring and model validation allows you to stay on top of progress and have confidence in the construction works, addressing issues as they arise rather than dealing with snags or defects.

Our virtual site visits and virtual O&Ms are the ultimate way to engage prospective tenants, occupiers and FM teams, enabling you to sell your space and generate a buzz prior to the move, with a truly soft landing.

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