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Accurate, compliant models

Scan-to-BIM starts off with highly accurate 3D laser-scanning of buildings, services and structures, fast. Our experienced team uses best-in-class laser scanners, selected according to the desired outcome and purpose.  Millions of points are captured with each scan, building up a 3D ‘cloud’ of laser-points replicating the subject matter. During post-processing point cloud surveys are QA-checked, cleaned, registered, and georeferencing data added if required.  This leaves them ready for 3D modelling to commence.  We use different equipment to generate the point cloud depending on the accuracy and access requirements.  This includes overflight by drone, allowing a point cloud to be generated in even the hardest-to-reach locations.


End-to-end process

Once the point cloud model has been created and checked, we process it to create a 3D model/digital twin in Revit or ArchiCAD.  The resulting digital model can be used for planning, monitoring or managing the estate, as well as communicating and sharing project information with stakeholders. These ‘as existing’ models are tailored to include what you need most, whether architectural, structural, or building services, and they include the Level of Detail and Level of Information to meet your requirements.

Our multidisciplinary models provide ISO 19650-compliant data which can be used for a variety of purposes across the lifecycle of an asset. We routinely deliver Scan-To-BIM services for a diverse mix of clients, including property developers, main contractors and asset owners. We offer: Architectural BIM modelling and MEP BIM Modelling. Our outputs are tailored to your needs, where you specify the level of detail required, ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500.


Simple, efficient and engaging

The earlier you engage with us, the better the results. Developing an accurate digital representation of your building during the early stages of the project de-risks the design and provides greater certainty.

Our outputs also include 360° imagery and virtual reality integration, which can be used as highly visual tools for communicating and sharing project information with stakeholders. From our home base in the Midlands, we cover the whole of the UK.

Benefits of Point Cloud Survey-to-BIM over traditional survey?

Using this type of technology is a must-have for all projects where you need to get an accurate representation of a building or area of land. With Scan-to-BIM you can:

  • Rely on this highly accurate data throughout the planning, design and construction stages
  • Better planning between new design elements and existing elements
  • Capture everything and receive the point cloud file for future reference
  • Improved risk management – base the design on real-world data and not assumptions.
  • Save time by creating a model for designers to inherit and develop rather than generating it themselves
  • Provide quality assurance to stakeholders

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