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Accurate, compliant models

Scan-To-BIM allows you to create a highly accurate 3D digital representation of your building, fast.

Our multidisciplinary models provide ISO 19650-compliant data which can be used for a variety of purposes across the lifecycle of an asset.

End-to-end process

Our Scan-To-BIM service begins with digitally capturing your space using best-in-class 3D laser scanners. From here, we produce a highly accurate point clouds, processing the geospatial information to create a 3D model/digital twin in Revit or ArchiCAD.

We routinely deliver Scan-To-BIM services for a diverse mix of clients, including property developers, main contractors and asset owners. Our outputs are tailored to your needs and you specify the level of detail required, ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500.

Simple, efficient and engaging

The earlier you engage with us, the better the results. Developing an accurate digital representation of your building during the early stages of the project de-risks the design and provides greater certainty.

Our outputs also include 360° imagery and virtual reality integration, which can be used as highly visual tools for communicating and sharing project information with stakeholders.

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