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We started on this journey because we found there was no clear guidance on how to integrate the design of smart technology into the wider design process for buildings, and we were finding the aspirations for smart technology were being raised too late in the process.  The RIBA’s Plan of Work is an ideal backbone for the guidance as it is used by architects, project managers and the wider built environment.  As smart technology has the potential to fundamentally affect the design of building at concept design stage, it is important that the message is spread as widely as possible especially as the Overlay applies to new buildings and retrofit projects across all sectors. My personal hope is that the Overlay promotes awareness and timely decision-making so that the technology can achieve its full potential.

ScanTech Digital plays a vital part in the digitalisation of a building – from creating a model as the first step in a retrofit project to carrying out model validation of new construction.  By accurately capturing and modelling or verifying a space, we de-risk and accelerate the design process and ensure the asset model at practical completion is accurate – which is a critical step in achieving a truly smart building.

Find out more and download the Smart Buildings Overlay to the RIBA Plan of Work here:

RIBA Plan of Work 2020  RIBA SBO Plan of Work