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Clarity and control

We provide cost-effective topographical surveys for clients across the UK, including architects, main contractors, property developers and asset owners.

Our surveys deliver clarity, reduce risk and make setting out, spot levels and site controls straight-forward and precise.

Accurate, precise information

Applying advanced surveying methods and technologies, our expert site teams produce highly accurate topographical surveys using robotic total stations that can measure positions to +/-1mm.

Geospatial technology allows us to provide clarity on any feature of the built or natural environment fast and accurately, using the data captured to create complex terrain or BIM models.

See the lie of the land

Being able to visualise a site’s topography structure is essential to informing design work, providing key information for projects during the planning stages and the opportunity to mitigate any risks.

Our robust measurement techniques can also be used to provide precision control for 3D scanning surveys, as well as the recording of utility location data.

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