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Site characteristics with topographical surveys

A staple of all construction and development projects, topographical surveys inform design, support project planning, and improve understanding.

ScanTech Digital offers cost-effective topographical surveys for clients across the UK, including architects, main contractors, property developers and asset owners.

Our surveys, whether traditional 2D surveys, 3D CAD or 3D models of site, deliver clarity, reduce risk and make setting out, spot levels and site controls straightforward and precise.


Accurate, precise topographic information

The RICS specification for Surveys of Land, Buildings and Utility Services at Scales of 1:500 and Larger requires accuracy to be “correct to within 0.3mm r.m.s.e. at the plan scale when checked from the nearest permanent control station. Geospatial technology allows us to provide clarity on any feature of the built or natural environment quickly and accurately, using the data captured to create complex terrain or BIM models.

Natural features surveyed include land contours, water sources and vegetation types. Artificial features can include, buildings, walls/fences/boundary lines, as well as roads, footways, lighting, communications, drainage and structures.


Topographical surveysthe lay of the land

Being able to visualise a site’s topography structure is essential to informing design work, providing key information for projects during the planning stages.

Our robust measurement techniques can also be used to provide precision control for 3D scanning surveys, as well as the recording of utility location data.

Topography surveys are used throughout the lifecycle of a project. Having a thorough survey of the development site carried out at an early stage of a project is recommended to mitigate risk and reduce the chance of costly mistakes.

Examples when topographical survey would be conducted:

  • To inform the design of a masterplan or site layout
  • Location of neighbouring property details and boundaries for rights of light or party wall issues
  • Sale or acquisition of land and registering/transferring Land Registry entries
  • Locating specific items of detail
  • Showing the existing layout of natural or artificial surface features and services
  • Location of vegetation, trees and tree canopies
  • Modelling and visualisation of the ground in 3D
  • Update of historical records.
  • Mapping out utility services


Dig into detail with Utility Surveys

Our topographical surveys can be enhanced with utilities survey information.

Key features

  • Electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar surveys
  • Metallic pipes and cables
  • Sewerage and drains over 100mm diameter
  • Underground structures
  • Voids, non-metallic pipeways and ducts
  • Stats plans

ScanTech Digital adds value by providing 2D and 3D topographical information and supporting utilities data in conjunction with other reality capture techniques.

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