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The next generation of O&Ms

More and more, facilities teams are experiencing the benefits of shifting to digital O&Ms, and with ScanTech Digital the management of assets takes on a whole new dimension. Through our virtual tour technology, users can experience walking around their building virtually from any laptop, smartphone or tablet, interacting with information such as user manuals, commissioning and installation records.

Intuitive and interactive

Our experienced team work with building managers to bring your spaces to life on a virtual platform, tagging corresponding documents to specific locations on the virtual tour. For example, an air conditioning unit could have its instructions, a demonstration video, commissioning certificate and technical specifications all linked.

Fast, centralised and accessible

We dramatically reduce the time it takes for estates teams to effectively manage their facilities. Gone are the days of keeping track of hundreds of key documents that are impossible to find when you need them.

Our virtual solution enables clients to keep an accurate, centralised record of their O&Ms that can be accessed via any device with internet access. Not only is this more efficient than traditional methods, it is secure and provides FM teams with a ‘single source of truth’.

Enhance your project handover and help your clients hit the ground running, ask us about our virtual O&Ms.

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