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Building surveys are incredibly important to a multitude of companies across a wide range of industries. Ensuring these surveys are conducted in both a quick and accurate manner can be highly important to the success of any given project.

Laser scanning, or a point cloud survey, is an extremely efficient and accurate way to gather the data necessary to put together a comprehensive 3D model of a building or indoor space. It’s also relatively quick with little disruption caused to any other work that may be taking place onsite.

The resulting parametric 3D model can be used to aid the design process, identify any flaws or issues with the current construction, provide status updates and help to assist any future decisions on critical project elements.

What is Laser Scanning?

The term ‘laser scanning’ refers to methods used to draw up this 3D model. Laser technology is used to assess the interior areas of buildings. It does this by beaming out a series of light signatures that form cloud points of data on the surfaces of objects they come into contact with.

Originally used to detect submarines from the air, point cloud technology has exploded in popularity within the architectural and construction industries over the last few years due to its speed and accuracy.

The Benefits of Point Cloud Surveys

As you can imagine, this innovative technology comes with an array of benefits that can assist and improve the majority of BIM projects.

Make Better Decisions 

The use of 3D point cloud surveys better informs critical decisions and informs the planning process. By being able to identify problems that need dealing with early on they can help to prevent unforeseen costs from mounting further down the line.

Huge Time-Saving Elements

Traditional surveying techniques can often take hours or even days to complete. One of the huge benefits of employing cloud point technology is that it is done in a fraction of the time. This, in turn, has knock-on benefits where you will see much lower levels of disruption caused as well as having access to critical design data much sooner.

Unmatched Accuracy

The overall accuracy of point cloud surveys is close to 100%. This is a much higher threshold than that of more traditional methods. It goes without saying that this is a benefit but when translated and applied to the real-world, better accuracy means better cost control. If issues are identified accurately and efficiently then it allows them to be dealt with in the same manner.

Reduction in the Need For Site Revisits

Contractors being forced to revisit a site multiple times can often result in delays and knock-on effects to other areas of a project. By using a point cloud system you will be greatly reducing the likelihood of this being needed by accurately gathering all of the data needed on the first visit. Less need to revisit means less disruption and less overall cost.

We offer a range of 3D laser scanning services designed to aid project processes. Our team of experts can carry out precise mapping in order to generate the very best model using the latest technology.

The models we are able to create can be applied to a variety of sectors. For example, creating architectural plans, assisting project planning and creation of 3D virtual tours.