Point Cloud Surveys. 2D Plans. 3D Revit Models.

VR Walkthroughs

Accessible, reliable, detailed documentation.

Capturing your site as a point cloud and modelling it in Revit for you and your team to start developing straight away.

We scan your property with our 4K 360° camera and laser scanner to build a virtual and photographic model combined into one.

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Dilapidation surveys prior to carrying out work?

Documenting historic buildings?
This is for you.

Want a Google Streetview-style tour of your restaurant?

Informed architectural decision-making?
We have it covered.

Want to impress an overseas client with a virtual model?
We give you a new perspective.  


High quality and affordable, ScanTech Digital's 3D virtual models are available for an extensive range of uses and can be viewed without expensive specialist software or kit.  Your model can be viewed through a web-browser, or for the immersive experience, with a headset and an app on your mobile phone.

Our 3D models and 2D plans capture the imagination of clients and engage decision makers.  At ScanTech Digital we are part of the design revolution, making design attractive to stakeholders, clients and the public.

Accessible. Convenient. Personalised.

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